Hunting Tips And Tricks For The Midwest

Best recurve bow for hunting

The Midwest is a vast place offering visitors and locals alike plenty of activities. Here are the top five things to do in the Midwest.

Itasca State Park: This is an amazing and beautiful lake in the majestic state of Minnesota. True to form, this lake offers visitors everything from water skiing to fishing.

Indiana Dunes State Park: This state park offers visitors a chance to enjoy the beach while in Indiana. Without a doubt, this is a perfect place to spend a weekend enjoying the sun and sand.

Cathedral Canyon: When looking for a gorge hike, one should head to Cathedral Canyon in Missouri. Visitors who make the trek will enjoy spectacular views and a fabulous workout.

Clark Lake: In Clark Lake, one can enjoy an old growth forest and a massive lake. When visiting this area, most people want to stay all summer as they fall in love with the surroundings and friendly people who live in the area.

Penokee Range: When looking to escape the city life, one should head to Penokee Range. In this park, one can enjoy the solitude and natural beauty.

The Midwest has plenty of outdoor places for all activity levels and interests.

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